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Our Mission…

We believe that restorative practice gives people the potential to do something different; to challenge the way that people think, behave and change.

Our Approach…

Working with schools and organizations for over 10 years, our company uses a data-driven approach to rewire school environments, and help free them of ineffective methods that reinforce bad practices. We collaborate with our partner districts to create customized, viable solutions and provide educators with the resources and support they need in order to avoid falling back on traditional disciplinary methods.

Who We Serve

Organizations, schools, hospitals — anyone who can benefit from restorative practices to improve relationships and their organization’s culture and climate.

Meet Our Trainers

Our trainers and consultants represent the best in Culture and Climate, and Positive Behavior Interventions Support (PBIS) Assessment Coordinators. We are staffed by a team of highly qualified professionals that have been trained to develop, implement and continually test restorative practices.

Roy Burton

As the founder of MIRPTC & SPRC, Roy is dedicated to bringing positive change through restorative practices to school districts and beyond. He embraces empathy and problem-solving as a way to move from disciplinary action towards understanding and relationship building. Roy has over 10 years of experience working with teachers and students to improve educational environments.

Roy holds a Bachelors in Human Resource Management, in addition to multiple advanced certifications, including:

   Trainer of Trainings University of Wisconsin

   Licensed Restorative Practices Trainer of Trainers IIRP (Graduate School)

   Certified Project plus CompTia

   Approved Special Education Mediator

   PBIS Coordinator

   Certified Civil Mediator

Kathleen Howard
M.A., J.D.

As a restorative justice practitioner, Kathleen is an accomplished facilitator with expertise in a variety of practice models including:

   School restorative practices

   Victim offender dialogue

   Family and domestic mediation

   Cultural diversity

   Boundaries and healthy relationships for youth

   Civil mediation and peacemaking circles

 Kathleen served as a crisis manager and restorative justice practitioner in the Eastpointe, MI school district, helping students in conflict, enhancing peaceful resolution utilizing problem solving processes that emphasize cooperation, collaboration, and communication.

 She is known as a passionate, thoughtful and ethically grounded practitioner who brings authentic presence and insight into her practice and training

Dr. James E. Spruill

Dr. Spruill is a consultant with over 18 years experience as a Superintendent, Principal/Assistant Principal, IT Consultant/Educational Technology trainer, and Technology Director/Instructor.

Dr. Spruill has successfully led two urban high-poverty turnaround districts to exceed growth goals for reading & math, increase attendance by 22%, and reduce behavior incidents and suspensions by 50% in a year.

As a licensed Restorative Practices trainer, he has coached over two hundred administrators & educators in implementing Restorative Practices with fidelity.


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