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Diversity and Inclusion Training

Our world is ever getting smaller due to the rapid growth of technology and social platforms. We no longer live in homogeneous groups isolated from everyone else, rather we explore and associate with a wide range of individuals through music and entertainment, sports and social media platforms. This is perfectly reflected in our wonderful student populations, and each of the unique cultures they represent. Great teachers and administrators embrace diversity and inclusion, recognizing it as a valuable infusion to their school.

Moving your school to embrace, not just tolerate, Diversity and Inclusion doesn’t happen by accident. It is the planned and deliberate effort of strong and passionate leaders like yourself. Let us help you, by supporting your staff with embracing Diversity and Inclusion Training.

Challenges we help you overcome:

  • Staff and students being ill equipped to handle cultural differences
  • Integration and acceptance of cultural differences
  • Adapting existing workplace policies
  • Thinking outside the box to make real change

This is our approach:

  • One: Decide length and duration of personal development workshop
  • Two: Incorporate objectives into ongoing school programs
  • Three: Identify core issues and unwanted behaviors to be addressed
  • Four: Build course structure based on topic and issues discussed
  • Five: Prepare detailed interactive training
  • Six: Delivery of highly engaging customized content for targeted audience

Why we can:

  • It’s our passion
  • It’s our background
  • It’s what we do best


With, SRPC, we offer a fully customized and functional training module that has positive and far-reaching effects. We understand that a genuinely effective diversity and inclusion program doesn’t just begin and end with training. We offer additional resources such as mentoring, help to develop a diversity-friendly recruitment policy, and creating room for different groups to achieve common goals so that the training essentially never stops.

We collaborate with you to determine your needs. We make suggestions on the length of the training and help incorporate it into ongoing school programs by identifying the core issues and behaviors to be addressed. SRPC goes further to build course structure based on the problems discussed and prepare detailed interactive training. Finally, we deliver highly engaging and customized content that allows your campus to take these tools and create a highly effective, diverse, and healthy environment for all..

Together, we empower school staff to use our innovative, engaging and interactive methods to create positive outcomes both in and out of the classroom. We take the differences that exist in your environment and maximize their potential. It’s been proven that students in a diverse environment work better and harder. They feel safer and less alone or vulnerable.

With students actively engaged in their education, teachers can teach more, spending less time on disciplinary issues. With staff effectively communicating, there is better collaboration and teamwork, leading to less turnover.

If you are ready to further develop positive behaviors, contact us, let’s get started. Let’s work together to create an environment of compassion, caring and respect where everyone benefits, and everyone feels valued.

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