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Practitioner Resources

What Fair Process Achieves: 

  Fair process builds trust and commitment which

  Produces voluntary co-operation, which

  Drives performance, which

  Leads individuals to go beyond the call of duty by sharing their knowledge and applying creativity.

Three core components of Fair Process:

Involving individuals in decisions that affect them by asking for their input and allowing them to refute the merit of one another’s ideas.

Everyone involved and affected should understand why final decisions are made as they are. Creates powerful feedback loop that enhances learning.

3 Expectation Clarity:
Once decisions are made, new expectations are clearly stated so that everyone understands their role and what is expected of them.

Source: Kim & Mauborgne, 1997, “Fair Process: Managing in the Knowledge Economy, for the Harvard Business Review. To read more about Practitioner Resources, including “Effective Use of Questions”, “Build, Identify and Give (BIG)”, “Setting the Foundation”, “Interviewing” and “Secrets to Effective Circles”, click here.

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