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Adopt a Restorative Practice Approach this School Year

If you’re an educator, you’re likely entering the final month of your summer vacation. As preparations for the upcoming school year begin, you may be starting to identify your teaching goals. Whether you want to focus on behavior management, or try to foster a more...

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Eliminating Disrespect with Affective Statements

This story comes from our founder, Roy Burton, who used restorative practices to turn one student’s disrespectful behavior into a healthy, cooperative relationship. I was working at a failing school where disrespectful students and “acting out” was a normal, daily...

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Michigan Restorative Justice Law

Repairing relationships and improving the educational climate In a positive move for Michigan students, lawmakers passed the Restorative Justice Law (House Bill 5619) in the summer of 2016. This law stipulates that before choosing suspension for students, school...

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