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We offer schools the potential
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to challenge the way that people
think, behave and change

SRPC® Training Programs

  • Foundations of Restorative Practices: The Social Science of Human Behavior
  • Introduction to Restorative Practices and Compliance Training for Teachers and Educational Support Professionals (ESP)
  • Restorative Practices and Circles Training for Administrators
  • School Restorative Practices Coordinator (SRPC®) Training
  • How to Develop a Restorative Action Plan (RAP©) for School Boards, Superintendents, Administrators & Educators
  • E-Learning Academy

Restorative Practices Strategic Implementation Guide©

All trainee’s receive the SPRC® RP strategic implementation guide: a management tool that illustrates the critical steps necessary to start an RP program from day one. It helps teachers and support staff be proactive, rather than reactive, in utilizing their Restorative Practices training by identifying common challenges they encounter. It allows any person working in your building, regardless of his or her level of involvement, to fully understand the objectives of your restorative practices program and how it will be implemented.


  To provide a daily check in, class by class norms, and check out with teachers and support staff

  To build strong, knowledgeable, empathetic caring relationships w/ students

  To establish systematic referral protocols when conflicts arise and strategies for managing lightly structured areas during exchange times

  To standardized a list of alternative disciplinary consequences based on RP principles to address unwanted behaviors.

  To provide assistance for administrators to track the fidelity of the RP program


By having all persons refer to a common manuscript, administrators, teachers and support staff can be sure that program intentions and goals are interpreted consistently by all staff, and not subject to individual interpretation.

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