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Why Customer Service is a Needed Skill for Educators

Did you ever think as an educator, you would also need customer service skills? It is accurate, and they are vital to your success both in and outside of the classroom. Education does not just stay in school. It follows the student home and goes into the community as well. As a teacher or administrator, you are the face of the school. The one that a parent comes to first, that a student sees every day—a representative of the establishment.

What services do school staff provide? Just as a few, they provide high-quality learning. They offer a safe environment to learn in; they provide opportunities to explore future vocations and sports. They provide the community with prospective employees and functioning members of society. In many cases, they provide additional education resources or services for those struggling. All of these services are customer based, the students or parents being the customers.

Think about the worst experience you’ve ever had with someone in customer service. That experience and the individual you interacted with have stayed in your head long after the incident. Chances are, it’s also left a bad taste in your mouth. When you think about that incident or person, you get upset. Now think about the best experience you’ve ever had—quite the opposite. You’ve smiled each time you thought about that excellent service and have become a lifelong supporter of the brand. That’s why has such a strong following, their impeccable customer service.

As an educator, you need those same skills. You need to be able to take a stressful or unpleasant situation and turn it into a positive outcome. You are a representative of your company, your campus. These essential service skills come into play when finding a job, interacting with coworkers or bosses, students, and parents. Look at this list of customer service skills, haven’t you had to use many of these on a day to day basis?

  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Diffuse tense situations
  • Suggest new services or ways of doing things
  • Be responsive and available for others
  • Stop problems before they start
  • Have rules and policies
  • Take the time to understand the needs and problems of an individual

If you have ever done any of these things, and as an educator, we are willing to bet that you have done them all, then you are using customer service skills.

The important thing about these skills is they are not always developed naturally. They are not learned overnight. Customer service relations are taught and continuously evolve based on the needs of the individual and the situation.

Let us help you develop those skills. SPRC will train your staff to:

  • Deal with problems, effectively
  • Encourage relationship building
  • Explain how to use the tools you need to perform your job efficiently
  • Notice potential areas to improve the workplace
  • Educate on what to avoid when dealing with others
  • Provide solutions for many scenarios
  • So much more

At SPRC, we take customer service seriously. It is our top priority and our number one goal. We pride ourselves on making sure that you have a seamless experience with our training. Our training does not stop at the end of the day. With our custom-built six-step programs, the benefits continue long after.

First, we collaborate with you to access the length of the program you need. Next, we teach you how to integrate it into your existing school programs. We identify the core issues and behaviors you want to be addressed, then build a completely customized plan based on your needs. We prepare your training and then deliver it in an engaging, highly immersive, and interactive way.

Does this training work? It does. Here are some additional benefits.

A highly trained educator is not only able to handle the stress of the day to day job, but also easily manage any of the unexpected issues that may arise from students, parents, or coworkers. Learning the skills of practical interpersonal problem solving lends itself to a more harmonious work environment. This further sets an example for all students who then model themselves after their teachers.

With an exceptional skill set, outstanding staff members exist. You want the best for your school; we want the best for you. Contact us today to develop a training system wholly customized for your individual campus needs.

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